Access to our knowledge

We do not produce reports to be thrown away…..

We combine our consultancy services with training, research and policy development; we plough back our thinking and experience and offer that to a wider public: professionals, policy makers, researchers, students. We do so in different forms: by running training courses, by joining research programmes or by active participating in policy dialogues. Our virtual setup allows us to enter into various forms of strategic alliances to make this happen.

We make our knowledge accessible and available to a larger public through reports, manuals, and books and in special training programmes. With our clients we explore ways to share lessons learned and knowledge generated through our consultancy work. 

 A selection:

  • Guide on Financial Education for better access to Finance for Migrant and Refugee Entrepreneurs “ guide with training modules , developed for THUAS and YMCB project (2021)
  • “Enhancing the Financial Health of Micro-entrepreneurs: Beyond a mere assessment “, Report and Manual with tools for mentors and coaches . Developed for the European Microfinance Network and ADA (2020)
  • Towards real(istic) Access of Finance for Migrant Entrepreneurs”, A manual for migrant entrepreneurs, trainers/ coaches, staff of public authorities and staff of financial intermediaries with tools and instruments (2020)
  • “Microfinance, what is it all about?‘” Introduction to Micro finance (in Dutch and English 2014 and 2016)
  • They are not yet seen … but…” Book about hybrid entrepreneurship (2016)
  • “Entrepreneurs may have many faces” Book about various forms of entrepreneurship (2016).
  • ” It is beautiful but remains small”, A study on graduation of SMEs (2016).
  • “Microfinance, evolutions and challenges….are we still in touch with the real client?…” (2011). a critical discussion on microfinance.
  • “Enterprising migrants in the driver’s seat”, (2009) a detailed description of the IntEnt Business Creation method.
  • “Management of Guarantee Funds for Small Enterprises”, (2004) Training manual for ILO Turin.
  • “Tomorrow holds another Future”(  Programme Evaluation on Income Generating Activities of Counterparts of Dutch MFOs.
  • “Small Enterprises, New Approaches”, Policy document for Netherlands Government.
  • “Business Clinics or Follow up training on selected topics such as : “Financing Smaller Enterprises, with special reference to the Portfolio Guarantee System, “Extension Services for Small Enterprises with special reference to Pre- and Post-Loan Assistance for Business Creation”, “Selecting of Entrepreneurs for Small Businesses”,
  • Manuals for SME business creation for refugees starting a new business “(either in Europe or in the countries of origin).