Inclusive finance and entrepreneurship

Limited access to financial and business development services has been one of the major stumbling blocks for people to be able to deploy their talents and actively participate in society. This has been the major area of interest for Timpoc Consultants. In all our programmes and project assignments we aim to contribute to solutions to improve such access. Timpoc believe that financial inclusion is a first step towards full participation in society. This fits in our conviction that we need constantly to seek new ways that lead to equality for all members of society. Our professionals are all conversant, knowledgeable and experienced in finance (ranging from micro finance to SME financing/ banking) and business development services. We believe that promoting and unleashing entrepreneurship is key to come to sustainable economic activities. “Without enterprising people money has no value” is thereby our credo.

The company’s exposure combined with the individual experience and expertise in MSME financing is relevant for reviews, evaluations and analysis of programmes and SME financing actions undertaken. Such experience has been accumulated in a wide range of countries both is emerging economies, industrialized societies, countries in transition(ECE)  as well as fragile and war-torn states. Such experience is coupled with academic background. Examples of relevant company experience (besides that of the individual professionals) are:

Without enterprising people

Inclusive financing

  • UNCDF, Framework/ Long term agreement to UNCDF to implement evaluations under UNCDF’s annually updated Evaluation Plan (2020-2023)
  • Abi to evaluate functioning of aBi Finance in Uganda of ABI (2020/21)
  • BIO/ Belgium undertaking an impact evaluation of BIOs; investments in selected financial institutions and banks in Peru and Ecuador (2018 /19).
  • EMN/ ADA developing, testing and introducing a self-assess tool to determine financial health of micro enterprises for financial and business development service providers in Europe (2018- 2021)
  • SINAPI/Opportunity, together with MDF West Africa developing and implementing new strategy on Financing for women owned growth-oriented SMEs in Ghana (2018).
  • European Commission , YMCB: Young Migrants Capacity Building project, in cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Sciences developing Financial Education modules and information packages for young migrant entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors and staff of financial intermediaries (2019-2021).
  • KfW/ Carnegie Consult – develop and implement a training programme on ESMS principles of financial institutions in Rwanda (2018).
  • EC/ COSME – in cooperation with The Hague University of Applied Sciences developing and managing the European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network especially the Community of Practice on Access to Finance for Migrant Entrepreneurs (2018-2020).
  • RVO /The Netherlands to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of a global SME financing facility (PSI/ PSOM) in cooperation with MDF/APE (2015 – March 2017).
  • Price Waterhouse/ Triple Jump to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of a global SME financing facility (Dutch Good Growth Fund) in Ghana / Ivory Coast and Myanmar in cooperation with MDF/APE (2016 –2019).
  • EBRD to render consultancy services over a three-year period in Financial Inclusion (in cooperation with Maxwell Stamp) (2017 – 2019).
  • Danida/ Abi to evaluate the agricultural (micro) Finance and Guarantee programme in Uganda of ABI (2017)
  • IFC to carry out an impact evaluation or rural microfinance in Peru (2012- 2015)
  • MISFA to oversee and control investments to develop the microfinance sector in Afghanistan (2012-2014)



Inclusive entrepreneurship

  • OECD to assist in developing and introducing a self-assessment Tool on Inclusive Entrepreneurship for policy makers and practitioners (2017- 2021)
  • African Union/ Ethiopia to develop and implement a training programme for Diaspora entrepreneurs in Africa intending to expand their businesses (2019)
  • EC/ Horizon 2020 – YMCB leading the work package of Financial Education for (youth) migrant entrepreneurship in the Youth Migrant Entrepreneurship Capacity Building project (2018-ongoing).
  • RVO/ The Netherlands to design, develop and introduce practice-oriented training programmes on financing and reporting for SMEs in Ghana (2014 – 2019)
  • WSBI/ LIFT to assist in carrying out a research activity in Morocco on small savings behaviour among young adults (as part of their empowerment process) – (2019)
  • Woord en Daad / The Netherlands Assessment and design of an entrepreneurship education programme for vocational training in Ethiopia; an assignment centered around the question how to prepare youth  better for their participation in the labour market (employed or as self-employed) after school. (2013-2015)
  • OECD to undertake short term assignments such as assessing policies and programmes to promote financing of youth entrepreneurship in Spain, formulate best practices on business creation for special groups (youth in Belgium, unemployed in the Netherlands), draft policy notes on Financing for enterprise development by underrepresented a disadvantaged group.