Timpoc, more than just a name….

…. tim poc….  tim poc…. the sound of a drop of rainwater falling down and hitting a solid rock. tim poc…. …. the drop of water continues hitting that solid rock … the drop of water will eventually break it… 

High in the Andes Mountains in Peru stands an old farm house. It is locked in between two mountain rigs, one of them the Huahyash, snowcapped and with impressive glaciers, towering high over the valley dominates the area. Around that farmhouse aromatic, organic herbs are grown like centuries before, And in a new form, sundried, the product is sold to the modern restaurants and hotelos in Lima. A small enterprise,  tradition, and innovation are beautiful.

Timpoc, the name has been chosen consciously. It relates to linking different worlds, to blending traditional knowledge and modern techniques. It refers to stubbornness, perseverance and out of the box thinking. It also radiates history and future. 

Timpoc, transparent as the rain, innovative as the new farmers are, motivation without which nothing will be achieved, passionate as newcomers are, out-of the box thinking and asking whether good can become better, committed and creative.