Out of the box for an enterprising society

Timpoc Consultants stands for out of the box thinking. We focus on building up an inclusive society where enterprising people have fair chances to deploy their talents to build a fair and sustainable society. A society with equal chances for women and men, migrants and residents, youth and active ageing.

Our strength: putting enterprising people first, as they must benefit from the ideas submitted, presented and implemented. Our key competence: Continuously seeking improvements even if everything looks fine.

Timpoc Consultants works with service providers that feel responsible for building an inclusive society, want to be held accountable for their actions and operate in a transparent way. 

 A virtual company and global network of creative professionals. And a body of knowledge composed of professionals with yearlong experience and expertise in entrepreneurship and financing.

Timpoc, the name has been chosen consciously. It relates to linking different worlds, to blending traditional knowledge and modern techniques. It refers to stubbornness, perseverance and out of the box thinking. It also radiates history and future.  

Timpoc, transparent as the rain, innovative as entrepreneurs need to be, motivated without which nothing will be achieved, passionate as newcomers are, out-of-the box thinking and asking whether good can become better…

Network company