Bootcamp for Growth Oriented Diaspora and young African Entrepreneurs for the African Union

Timpoc Consultants and its partner R&D Ethiopia have successfully run the first Bootcamp for Growth Oriented Diaspora and young African Entrepreneurs under a contract with the African Union – CIDO. The bootcamp took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August 2019. The participants running their business in more than 18 different countries, demonstrated a great desire and enthusiasm to contribute to the development of the private sector in their countries. It is expected that this Bootcamp will be rolled out the coming years in the various regions where the African Union is active.

At the end we did not get Trapped.

MDF West Africa and Timpoc Consultants developed and tested jointly with staff of UPSA – Ghana the special training programme for Ghanaian SMEs on Transparent and Practical Financial Reporting. In 2018 the first series of the training was offered to the MSE market. It is quite instrumental in assisting owners and senior managers of SMEs to report in an open way on the performance of their businesses and their possible contributions to the SDGs. For more information contact MDF West Africa

EMEN 2nd International event revealed new ideas on financing migrant entrepreneurs

Not all migrants and refugees arriving in Europe are destitute, without assets and resources. They know how to organise themselves. They set up new (internet based) systems to support each other  also in setting up new businesses

On 20th June the EMEN and The Hague University of Applied Sciences organised the 2nd International Event with  a special focus on Access to Finance for Migrant Entrepreneur.

At the event the leading questions were:

  • how migrant entrepreneurs might finance their new ventures?
  • how they can make use of existing formal and informal financing mechanisms?
  • how they can make use of mainstream facilities?
  • how special mechanisms might be relevant, needed and desirable?

Existing organizations, projects and programmes were given a platform to show what they are doing. A market space  was created where ideas were offered and idea- hungry, interested persons had a chance to be get information about approaches that they might use in their own environment. Leading, thought provoking professionals and practitioners were given the floor to share their ideas; brief, catchy pitches and brief talks confuse, opened eyes and gave that little push into the direction people already wanted to go in.

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