Working together on Financial Inclusion….

The special consortium that Timpoc Consultants formed with MicroFinanzas, MicroFinanzas Rating, and MDF Ede, was awarded a Long-Term Agreement (2021-2023) by UNCDF to implement evaluations under UNCDF’s annually updated Evaluation Plan. In all those evaluations we pay special attention to financial inclusion of the less privileged in the countries where UNCDF is active.

As migrant entrepreneur…How to Access finance?

Towards real(istic) Access of Finance for Migrant Entrepreneurs, A manual for migrant entrepreneurs, trainers/ coaches, staff of public authorities and staff of financial intermediaries with tools and instruments

Over the past years we have lead the  Community of Practice on Access to Finance for migrant Entrepreneurs as member of the  EMEN project. In the Community of Practice, we have worked together with many partners to understand better how access to finance for migrant entrepreneurs can be improved. By the end of 2020 we submitted a practical manual for migrant entrepreneurs, trainers/ coaches, staff of public authorities and staff of financial intermediaries. It contain comprehensive set of practical tools and instruments.

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Are you financially healthy?

Manual for coaches and mentors to set up and implement  A Financial Health Action and Enhancement Plan for Micro-entrepreneurs – Second version, September 2020

For the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA) Klaas Molenaar wrote this manual for business advisors, mentors, coaches, and/or trainers working with micro-entrepreneurs to help them deal effectively with financial issues. It contains a comprehensive approach to measure financial health, methods to enhance and deepen financial understanding and the capacity to deal with financial issues. It is based on the outcome of a joint research project carried out in 2019 and subsequent testing in 2020.

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Bootcamp for Growth Oriented Diaspora and young African Entrepreneurs for the African Union

Timpoc Consultants and its partner R&D Ethiopia have successfully run the first Bootcamp for Growth Oriented Diaspora and young African Entrepreneurs under a contract with the African Union – CIDO. The bootcamp took place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August 2019. The participants running their business in more than 18 different countries, demonstrated a great desire and enthusiasm to contribute to the development of the private sector in their countries. It is expected that this Bootcamp will be rolled out the coming years in the various regions where the African Union is active.

At the end we did not get Trapped.

MDF West Africa and Timpoc Consultants developed and tested jointly with staff of UPSA – Ghana the special training programme for Ghanaian SMEs on Transparent and Practical Financial Reporting. In 2018 the first series of the training was offered to the MSE market. It is quite instrumental in assisting owners and senior managers of SMEs to report in an open way on the performance of their businesses and their possible contributions to the SDGs. For more information contact MDF West Africa

The Better Entrepreneurship Policy Tool

A free online self-assessment and learning tool for policymakers and other stakeholders on inclusive and social entrepreneurship policies and programmes.

It includes:

  • Self-assessment questionnaires;
  • Policy guidance notes and inspiring case studies;

The Better Entrepreneurship tool contains modules on supporting women, the youth, migrants and the unemployed in business creation. The tool was jointly developed by the OECD and the European Commission; it builds on the knowledge generated jointly by the OECD and the EC on inclusive and social entrepreneurship policy.

As member of the OECD steering committee on Inclusive Entrepreneurship, Klaas Molenaar has assisted and guided the OECD tea in developing and testing out this tool

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The earlier, the better…. Financial Health Assessment Tool for Microfinance support organizations

Timpoc Consultants will assist the European Micro Finance Network (EMN) and ADA in developing and testing a tool to assess the financial health of micro entrepreneurs. It is expected to be used by Financial Service providers as well as Business developed Service providers. The overall aim is to assist micro entrepreneur to detect at an early stage whether micro enterprises are facing financial problems. The tool will be developed in the course of 2019. See also

EnterStart a new name, a new place to operate from, a new start

As from January 2019 EnterStart (Klaas Molenaar is presntl chairman of this Foundation) will offer a comprehensive package of support services to migrants and newcomers (in The Hague region) who aspire and intend to set up new businesses, either on a full 24/7 scale or in a hybrid form.  It will operate from the Hangs Ondernemershuis, where it can collaborate with a wide range of SME support programmes and projects ensuring eventually mainstreaming of its services.  It will offer training, business advisory services and it will also be in a position to offer small start-up financing to its clients, made possible with funding from Fonds 1918. For more information go to